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Tracking life on a Page - Bullet Journal Daily Log and Habit Tracker

Hello, Everyone! Let me confess something. I am a person who works very hard but is not as organized as she wants to be. To top it off, I am super forgetful. May be my being unorganized goes hand in hand with my forgetfulness. I want to do so much, but fail to get everything done. That's the reason I have started Bullet Journaling.

A simple page like the one shown in the picture, helps me keep everything in check and also never let's me forget. Let's see what all I am accomplishing with this one spread. (starting from top left)

  1. The little calendar on top is to help me plan my month.

  2. The "To do/Goals" section is my list of things that I want to get done in this week.

  3. The tiny droplets you see next to the days, indicate the number of glasses of water I had that day. Helps me keep track of my water intake. You can track your steps, calorie intake, sleep, etc. like this.

  4. Before I go to bed, I try to write down the events of that day in it's corresponding section.

  5. The little heart symbols you see on the page are "Keys" to any celebration or memory. (I will talk about Keys and its uses in another post)

  6. And on the bottom Right corner of the page is my habit tracker. Basically this tracker helps me track some things that I want to keep in check. I track how many days I worked out. Did I do a thorough cleaning of my house twice a week? Did I post on my social media sites everyday? How often do I post a YouTube video or write a blog? (After posting this blog post, I get to fill the circle... YAYYYYYY!!!!)


(I created this Daisy-themed Daily Log to go with my Daisy-themed Opener)

There is so much more you can do with a daily log. And it doesn't even have to be very elaborate. Here is an example of a simple daily log.

You can personalize the page according to things YOU want to track. Discard sections you don't think you will use. Add your "habit tracker" instead of the "notes" section if you want and turn the "important dates" section into "notes". It's your space. Design it the way you want.

I will be posting more about Bullet Journaling soon. Till then, Happy Journaling :)

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